Basic Guide to Kush Marijuana Seeds

Much scientific evidence proving the benefits of cannabis has led to a sudden rise in the hemp industry. People love to consume cannabis for their general well-being, and that's why they want to grow Kush cannabis at home.

Marijuana seeds can be found in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You will find a wide variety of seeds that can be either regular, feminized, or auto-flowering. Feminized seeds are best for indoor germination as it ensures that the adult plant grows to be a flowering female.

The following section will guide you all about Kush marijuana seeds, where you can buy them, their cost, and legality.

The Shape of Kush Seeds

From linear to oval to round, you will find a wide variety of shapes of marijuana seeds. Even the seeds of the same strains may look slightly different from one another. The seeds' shape has nothing to do with the quality. The difference is only morphological.

Size of Kush Seeds

Marijuana seeds are of different sizes depending upon their strain. Usually, bigger seeds belong to the Indica strain. Other seeds can be very small. The difference is natural and is due to the different variety of cannabis strains.

Colors of Kush Seeds

Kush marijuana seeds differ in colors. The seeds can be light brown to dark brown to black. The color doesn't tell us about the quality. You may find a high-quality strain in both light and dark colors.

Remember that healthy mature seeds have a pattern on them similar to the turtle shell. In contrast, seeds with whitish or green color are clearly immature. If you get immature seeds, get them replaced straight away.

Amount of Kush Marijuana Seeds

Thinking you would be growing marijuana indoors in a confined space, two to three packs of marijuana seeds would be enough for nice growth. Usually, a packet consists of 10 seeds, which is more than enough for a small harvest like that at home.

Can I Purchase Marijuana Seeds Legally?

You cannot sell or purchase marijuana seeds in a state where cannabis is considered illegal. It is better to avoid purchasing Kush seeds or any other cannabis product at such a place. However, if it is legal to consume cannabis products and home growing in your country, you can get marijuana seeds from nearby dispensaries quite easily. Dispensaries sell marijuana seeds only if home growing is legal in that state. You can check the laws of your state to know more about cannabis legality.

Cost of Kush Seeds

The cost of marijuana seeds greatly depends upon the quality of strain and how potent it is. The price of seeds also depends upon the variety. Feminized and auto-flowering seeds tend to cost more than the regular variety. Similarly, genetic quality also plays a part in its cost. Considering these factors, marijuana seeds may cost $40 to $500 per pack.

In Conclusion

A great deal of hard work is needed to grow cannabis plants indoors. However, following the crucial tips can help your plants thrive. Keeping the marijuana seeds away from light and humidity helps them stay viable for as long as two years.

You will not confront any difficulty in finding seeds and harvesting at home if marijuana is legal in your state.