Ultima Online: A Game Still Thriving In 2021

MMORPG has been one of the most popular genres of games that holds some of the most loyal fanbases. From the world of warcraft to FFXIV, this role-playing multiplayer game genre has been holding the true essence of gaming. But if there is any veteran game that holds the title of the first-ever popular MMORPG, then it will be no other than Ultima Online.

First released in 1997, Ultima Online is the most ancient MMORPG to this day. The game itself has been highly influenceable on various popular games in the scene.

Ultima Online review

This 2D fantasy RPG takes place in medieval Britannia where you get to play as your own class in the Ultima series.

At the start of the game, you get the opportunity to choose a class that you want to play. Ultima Online has been the first ever-popular game, that allowed you to do customization to your character and cosmetic option. Although the game showcases its age by offering very few options for customization, it paved the way for modern tittles that offers unimaginable customization and let make the smallest of changes to your character. However, the way each character class looks in Ultima Online is extremely impressive, considering its age.

Class system

What makes this game unique is the fact that you do not have to choose a set class or skill path. As you play the game, you can mix or match various options and characters you personalized character through the journey.

Here are some of the most popular classes build for new players.


The warrior class is destined for greatness with their massive strength in fighting with weapons and basic healing.


Paladin is a heroic warrior class that has positive karma and weaponry to pave their way to victory.


Samurai class is warriors that heavily rely on the virtue of honor and their weapon skill.


Ninjas are assassin that utilizes the element of surprise and focus on hiding and stealth.


This class excels in dark magic that can employ necromancy.


Mages are magic practitioners that use Margery spells for both healing and fighting.


This class gas the knowledge of Blacksmithy can turn raw materials into advanced armor and weapons.

In-game markets

Ultima Online offers you in-game markets where NPC vendors from around the world sell and buy goods for UO gold and platinum. Any player can buy their own vendors and put their items on the inventory for sale. Other Ultima Online players can purchase those items from the inventory even when the player is offline or out of the game. Expansions

Ultima Online has a massive game world for players to explore. And with its additional expansions throughout the years, there are always new and exciting continents, missions, and game content to look forward to.

Final thoughts

As the grandfather of they call UOKing, Ultima Online will always hold a special place in the world of gaming. This is where all the popular MMORPG titles have been derived from. And still, to this day, you can go on this amazing journey through the Ultima Online world and relive the medieval Britannia moments.