A helping hand for marijuana seeds

If you are planning to grow marijuana seeds, make sure to have all arrangements done before the beginning of the year. The first few months of the year are an ideal time to have beautiful and healthy marijuana plants. However, navigating through the cannabis market is imperative to get the best seeds.

Buying cannabis seeds online

If you are looking for premium quality marijuana seeds, The Seeds Depot offers a wide range of cannabis seeds including indica, sativa, hybrid, mix packs and high THC strains. They offer worldwide shipping with various payment methods.

Looking for quality genetics in marijuana seeds
Most breeders may usually talk about unstable genetics which means that the origin of the seed in unknown. Your selected seeds could be a result of poor breeding practices if you don't know where the seeds came from and how were they crossed. Professional breeders make sure to put their strains through several rounds of backcrossing which will eventually stabilize the genetics and allow the grower to predict the outcomes. The Seeds Depot offers a trusted selection of high quality marijuana seeds which yields a stable and superior crop.
Difference between regular, feminized, and auto flower seeds

There is a clear difference between these three types of marijuana seeds.

Regular seeds

Regular seeds are a mixture of both male and female seeds. Many growers prefer mix packets as these are not backcrosses as much as the autoflower or feminized seeds. It requires a little more work as the grower will have to identify the male and female plants in the flowering phase and most likely discard the male plants as they will pollinate the female plants resulting into seeded flowers. The Seeds Depot offers mix packs of sativa, indica, haze and Kush seeds so you can easily choose the ones that fulfil your requirements.

Autoflower seeds

Marijuana plants usually switch from the vegetative to flowering state with the change in their light cycle but auto flower plants do not depend on the light cycle and switch phases with age. Autoflowering plants are ready to be harvested in no more than three months but the downside is that they are usually less potent but people prefer these for the shorter time span and quicker results. The Seeds Depot offers genetically enhanced version of autoflower seeds perfect for multiple harvests within a year. If you are looking for high potency marijuana crop, you may also go for feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds start to grow as soon as you put them in soil and produce more buds than any other types. The bud producing females are potent plant with a significant quantity of phytocannabinoids and phytonutrients. It also reduces the risk of pollination by a stray male. You will find a wide variety of the most popular feminized seeds of the time in The Seeds Depot.

How many seeds should we buy?

Even if you buy your seeds from a reputable buyer, a percentage of these will not germinate. Almost 1/4th of the total seeds sown in the ground may not produce plants. If you are planting regular seeds, you will have to discard the male plants which will eventually reduce the total yield in the end. If you are using feminizes seeds, it is best to buy the double amount of seeds because a few will not germinate and a few will have to be discarded and then select the best phenotypes.

Wrap up

Before you decide to buy marijuana seeds, make sure to assess your requirements and navigate through the market to about the best variant of your desired seeds and strains. You can also reach out to marijuana seeds experts at info@theseedsdepot.com to have a deeper insight of latest trends and best marijuana seeds according to your individual preference.